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One Bright Walk - One package from our Cultural connections

The Classic Connection 2017 Promo video

A short video promoting our classic connections internship package. Hear from previous European Erasmus+ funded students who found an internship in Brighton and Hove through us.


The Classic Connection - Viva Magazine and Latest TV Internship

Italian student Giacomo came to Brighton and we found him two internships in TV and journalism. He was so successful that he was offered a job in Milan after just two weeks! Congratulations Giacomo! We are thrilled to have been part of your journey.

The Classic Connection - Halfords Internship

French student Mounir wanted experience working in Brighton in order to improve his English and interact better with customers

The Classic Connection - Electronics supplies Internship

French student Julie wanted experience with tools used to make jewellery, so we found her a perfect job working with relevant tools, she improved her English too!

The Classic Connection - Marketing Internship

Danish student Miriam Bjerg Sorensen tells us about her experience in her marketing internship with Moshimo - A sushi restaurant in Brighton.


The Classic Connection - Barista Experience Internship

Danish student Josefine Koch tells us about her experience as a barista in Cafe Coho as part of her  internship in Brighton.


The Classic Connection - Admin experience

Mads Larsen tells us about his Admin experience working on an Internship and living in Brighton


The Classic Connection - Retail Experience Internship

Danish student Kasper Petersen tells us about his experience working in a retail in Brighton, in the DC Shoe store.



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