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Internship in Brighton is a Sussex based British company which welcomes students studying vocationally from all European Union countries, & especially those from within the Erasmus+ programmes.
We are a leader in the placement of students into established and supportive local companies or communities on internship & mentoring programmes.

In addition to this, we arrange accommodation in supportive host families or in a shared flat, with the option to take ESL language school lessons and related student guidance, supervision and mentoring.

Those involved in our company have had many years of placement experience, assuring all students the highest levels of satisfaction with all aspects of our service.


We aim to offer the best possible internship experience to students & young people who wish to undertake work experience in order to better understand themselves and what they can offer. It may be to find out exactly what areas of a particular career path you may excel at, or perhaps to better understand what employers demand from their young workforce.

We organise work placements for students in a wide range of vocational areas, along with related social/cultural events as part of our ‘Classic package‘.

Our ‘Business package‘ offers specialist seminars and internships for students currently studying at European Business colleges.

Whilst our ‘Cultural connections‘ packages enables groups to experience a wide range of sporting and cultural activities & connections with a wide range of communities throughout Brighton & Hove.

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About Internship in Brighton - Head office - Brighton Junction

An internship offers a safe environment to learn more about the type of skills that you’ll need in your future career, so you can better understand how ready you are to start your career, and if you need to develop further skill sets before applying for jobs. As there is no competitive process involved (such as job interviews with a selection process.. ) it usually allows everyone to step onto the ‘first rung of the ladder’ and get some experience that will serve them well when they come to apply.

Nevertheless, most interns are usually treated like other staff members and especially in the longer internships will be accepted by staff members as one of the team. Sometimes interns will even be offered a permanent position at the end of their experience, when a manager decides they are particularly suitable in the team or may recommend this to the head of the company. At other times interns will decide to go on to further training before applying. And even, sometimes, interns may decide the work area is not for them, saving themselves the possibility of some years of a ‘wasted’ or unfulfilling job experience.
The benefits are many and you can be assured our team at IIB has the understanding and experience to help you decide what may be best for you, through dedicated mentoring sessions and discussions. An internship is an opportunity to learn and grow within a structured but supportive environment and we can highly recommend it.

Don’t take our word for it though. Let some of our previous interns from all areas and walks of life tell you for themselves in the many testimonials and interviews we have available online (just here & here for example). Whatever you decide we look forward to helping you learn by real life practice: the very best way forward in your career.


We strongly support the concept that students or graduates undertaking longer term internships (of 3 months plus) or apprenticeships should be paid at least the UK minimum wage. We also strongly believe that grant funded opportunities have a valuable role to play in helping non UK EU based students help identify & learn about another culture, learn other languages and assist in understanding a working environment better to prepare them for the job market.

Please note that we only offer work experience programmes for EU students studying abroad. We do NOT offer paid or unpaid internships to UK students.


David Wiseman Director- About Internship in Brighton