How important is an internship for your career path

We are often asked whether an internship is valuable and if it makes a difference to future employability and for your career path. We know that of course it does and we have as well a proof which come from an interesting research.

In 2016, no long time ago, the Association of Gradate Recruiters reveals that the internships provide the key to employee retention.

“Retention and performance are two of the main reasons why we run internships. Candidates who have previously been interns are more likely to stay with us longer as they’ve made a conscious decision to join an organisation they already know. They join with an existing network in place, and are also more likely to be high performers as they’ve already developed some of the skills we’re looking for in new graduate recruits.”

The report is outlining exactly what a previous intern, or apprentice, can do for your business.
Likewise for students, it shows how important it is for you to take up the opportunity of an internship at a business before going into full time work.